Christmas is coming!

Here we go again, the Holiday season is fast approaching and Golem will be opening it's doors as a regular participant in Eastside Culture crawl. Come visit me and my brilliant studio mate, Prickly Potter at 1265 E 2nd ave, Vancouver. You'll be greeted with a smile and a cup of hot tea. 

Pok Pok, pestle and mortar

Pok Pok, pestle and mortar

See you all soon!

Open studio at Golem Designs!

As part of the upcoming East Side Culture Crawl, we are hosting an open studio. My studio mate, Prickly Potter, and I welcome you at the front room at 1265 E 2nd ave, Vancouver starting November 20th at 5 PM. We're so excited to open the doors to our friends and customers!  Please see the invitation below for details and directions.

Golems @ the ADDRESS by Kate Duncan

Recently I've been playing around with an idea of participating in some pop-up store. So, when Kate Duncan, local furniture design genius, contacted me and suggested to take part in her upcoming show the ADDRESS, I said yes. No, I said YES!!!!!

I immediately started working on my recent line of home decor objects (that is yet to be named) - nested satin white porcelain bowls with gold lustre painted rim. I've made more than 20 bowls of various sizes and I got a great feedback on them! They are almost sold out now and the rest will be taken to my family and friends. Will they be available at my online store, you may ask? The new bunch is coming up in the nearest future and I'll keep you updated. Here are few images of the bowls alongside with great handmade furniture by Kate Duncan.

The ADDRESS became a great experience for me, I was happy to see all my Golem arranged beautifully in bright, modern and stylish space. Everything looked so fresh and gorgeous! Particle bowls worked beautifully on Kate's minimal wood dining tables. Our recent collaboration with Green With Envy, hanging O-Planters, adorned rustic reclaimed wood shelves by Lumina Concepts.

One of my all time favourite designers Amanda Parker send her beautiful white on white wall compositions all the way from Calgary and they added a great contemporary feel to the whole space. Le Fil Rouge brought Scandinavian chic with her natural textiles - hand sewn linen towels, alpaca wool blankets and hand dyed pillows.

So today the ADDRESS is over and we all are going to come tomorrow and take down this beautiful space....Sigh..

Its been an amazing creative adventure that gave me new inspiration and great new friends. I really cannot wait for the ADDRESS no2 :-)

How to preserve memory in clay?

Memory. How ethereal our memories tend to be? They vanish into everyday routine effortlessly, leaving no trace of themselves in our exhausted minds... Trying to preserve a memory in clay? Insane, you must say. You are right. Dipping old granny's crochet doilies in liquid porcelain and then firing them to the point of vitrification. Weird you say. You are right. But that's what I do :-)