Christmas is coming!

Here we go again, the Holiday season is fast approaching and Golem will be opening it's doors as a regular participant in Eastside Culture crawl. Come visit me and my brilliant studio mate, Prickly Potter at 1265 E 2nd ave, Vancouver. You'll be greeted with a smile and a cup of hot tea. 

Pok Pok, pestle and mortar

Pok Pok, pestle and mortar

See you all soon!

How to preserve memory in clay?

Memory. How ethereal our memories tend to be? They vanish into everyday routine effortlessly, leaving no trace of themselves in our exhausted minds... Trying to preserve a memory in clay? Insane, you must say. You are right. Dipping old granny's crochet doilies in liquid porcelain and then firing them to the point of vitrification. Weird you say. You are right. But that's what I do :-)